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   1988 CRX Si

"Frankenstein Engine"


  • B18C Cylinder Head with CRV Block.

  • 12-1 Piston Compression (.020 oversize)

  • Combo engine for peak performance-both bottom end and high end performance.

  • 70mm throttle body.

  • Modified intake manifold.

  • CTR intake & exhaust CAM.

  • Racing valve spring & retainer.

  • MSD ignition.


300+ HP





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Date: August 28, 2004

CRX with body kit ready for engine installation.

Rear view of CRX.

CRX ready for engine installation.


Engine block ready for assembly.

Another view of engine block.

12-1 ration piston.

Semi assembled engine (top view).

Semi assembled engine (bottom view).

Engine assembled and installed.

Engine optimization process begins.

Optimized for peak engine performance.

Installed performance tires and wheels.

  98 Integra Type R suspension, 5 lug Upgrade to 18" RIMs and Tires with correct offset. Dream machine ready to go!
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