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Seven Rocks is a full service automotive repair shop that is dedicated to providing the highest quality work at an affordable price.  Our services include:


  • Maintenance

  • Ignition & Batteries

  • Exhaust

  • Brakes

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Climate Control

  • Alignment


Timing Belt

The timing belt should be replaced in accordance with your car manufacturer’s recommendations, generally at 100,000 km intervals.


To know the proper inflation for your tires, find the one recommended by the vehicle dealer. You can find it on a label on the door, the glove compartment or consult the vehicle's manual.


Have a question? 

E-mail us at info@seven-rocks.com.


If you are looking for performance services and products, we can help you.  We can custom tune your car for the highest performance.  Click here for the Feature Car section. We also carry a full line of products from the following manufacturers.


  • Elf Oil
  • Motul Oil
  • Prodrive
  • Peltor
  • PDE

  • And many more.


We are an exclusive dealer for Michelin, the world's largest tire manufacturer.  On top of offering the best auto repair services, we can now offer you the highest quality tires at the best prices.  We carry tires from all major manufactures such as: 


  • Michelin
  • Falken
  • BFGoodrich
  • Pirelli
  • GUniroyal
  • Vredestein
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