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   Regular maintenance of your vehicle will reduce costly repair bills.
   Your owner's manual should have the maintenance schedules.
   Have your mechanic call you before any work is performed.  This improves trust between the both parties.






Fluid and Filters


















Having regular oil changes is the single most important thing you can do to improve the life of your car.  We recommend every 5000km or as recommend by your manufacturer. 

At Seven Rocks, w
ith every oil change If our 21-point visual inspection shows low levels of engine coolant (antifreeze), power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, or windshield washer fluid... we'll top them up at no charge

You should also follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for replacing:


  • air filter

  • fuel filter

  • automatic transmission fluid

  • coolant/antifreeze



Belts and Hoses













The rubber that is used to make your vehicle's engine belts (such as the drive belt) and radiator hoses can dry out and crack. Belts and hoses can also come loose from continual vibration. A sudden malfunction of these relatively inexpensive parts can have costly consequences.

Seven Rocks mechanics can detect many potential belt and hose problems with a visual inspection. Those inspections, plus regular replacement of belts and hoses in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, are your best protection against expensive repairs.


Wipers and accessories






For optimum visibility in rainy or icy conditions, replace your wiper blades at least once a year, or whenever they begin to streak or "chatter."  Seven Rocks carry a full range of wiper blades and other accessories sized to fit your vehicle.













You have to keep your headlights working properly to see and be seen from the front. And if your brake lights aren't in order, it's difficult for drivers following you to know that you are stopped So if a headlight, taillight, or other part of your vehicle's lighting system aren't in order, come to Seven Rocks for quick head lamp and bulb replacement.

And to make sure your headlights are illuminating the road ahead properly, have a Seven Rocks mechanic adjust their aim at least once a year.

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